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 Hof reporting in!

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Hofman 07

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PostSubject: Hof reporting in!   Hof reporting in! EmptyWed May 09, 2012 6:57 am

Hey all im Hofman 07, but you can call me Hof

I have been playing since december '02 but have been busy with life (New mom etc)... and now im all sorted i want to return to rs Very Happy
I am only have about 1.4-1.5k TL and only had 1 account... but i mainly Combat and mine... here are some of my stats that im proud of... not any of those icky ones like dung summon and farming xD

CL:100/103 (Dont like summoning got to lv 25 on its day of release and never trained it again lol!)
Attack: 85 (and cruising for lv 99 <3)
Str: 81
Def: 75
HP: 82 (but always rising as you know)
Range: 71
Magic: 67 ish? (I raise it via superheating bars)
Mining: 80 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (First 99!!)
Smithing: 60-62 ish... but can easily get 70 via 4k mith bars... (I have a ore hoarde >.>)
Wc: is about 70 area? i dont do it much but i will actully do it Razz
Cooking: 77 i think
Fishing: 70 odd
i dont or wont do much else...(tried runepsan thou and its meh lol)

I AM a Girl (z0mg R3ally!? ... -.-) im from aussie, My name is Nicole Hofman (thus the name... lol)... i picked 07 when i made it in 02 because that was the year i got married to my wonderful hubby Razz we had it all planned out Rolling Eyes so now im coming back to rs and ive noticed how much things have changed... i mean i remember when there was no rc skill! lol and ive seen some dicing clans out there and how much money they can make... i tried to start my own solo dicing ring... but its hard coding a irc bot to do simple yet easy things lol... and i noticed this site had a look and your only quite young Very Happy Thats why ya need a Oldie like me to help us Wink and this is why i would like to become part of your community

Hof queen

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Hof reporting in!
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