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 Safety Comes First

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PostSubject: Safety Comes First   Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:33 am

Hey guys this is a warning to prevent you from getting hacked!

The staff here on the forums are working hard to prevent people with ill intentions from corrupting these forums. Here is a little advice, if someone does post some sort of link on the forums, make sure it isn't hyper linked!

So before you actually click the link, scroll your cursor over the link and look at the bottom of the browser. If the link u see at the bottom doesn't match that of the one posted DON'T CLICK IT. We are working hard on preventing people from phishing/stealing your password and we also need you to help prevent this.

Any sort of download link isn't permitted on these forums.

I have taken preventative measures so that in case there is some form of a dangerous link, the url will automatically be blocked out, but i can't guarantee this will be able to block everything!

So always be alert!

If you do believe that you are infected by a keylogger is a very good program that detects most known keyloggers. AVG/Norton/ aren't as reliable as this program is.
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Safety Comes First
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